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What is TEAMc?

  • TEAMc is a toolkit comprised of seven workshops that can be facilitated within organizations or agencies to assist teams in developing their capacity to work in interprofessional client-centred collaborative teams.
  • TEAMc has evolved from research and projects in health care team development and is based on the use of a participatory appreciative inquiry model of teamwork building, anchored within competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice.
  • TEAMc is a toolkit that can be licensed by organizations and agencies for their use, with customized timetables set individually for teams.
  • TEAMc includes facilitator guidelines for the program, powerpoint slide sets, worksheets, feedback and reflection forms for each workshop.
  • TEAMc facilitator training is also provided through Western University 3-4 times each year to assist in preparing facilitators to support team learning.
  • TEAMc licences also provide access to psychometrically developed measurement instruments for assessing team collaboration and an individual’s affinity towards working interprofessionally.

Facilitator Training

While not mandatory, we recommend completing one of our facilitator training sessions before implementing TEAMc within your teams. It provides the opportunity to discuss the resources in detail, gain insight and develop understanding before using the program.

The objectives of the facilitator training are to:

  • Explore facilitators’ current knowledge of IPCCCP,
  • Understand the Interprofessional Collaboration Competency Framework from the Canadian Interprofessional Healthcare Collaborative (CIHC) and its application into practice,
  • Gain insight into the assessment of both collaboration in teams and team members’ socialization towards interprofessional teamwork,
  • Develop an understanding of the use of Appreciative Inquiry for team building,
  • Gain insight into the role of the TEAMc facilitator for workshops and the client/family member orientation module,
  • Explore the TEAMc facilitator’s role in guiding team sessions, supporting teams post-sessions, in coaching for ongoing team enhancements and in helping teams to assess their own work,
  • Explore the role of management and administration in supporting IPCC teamwork,
  • Discuss the ongoing orientation of new team members to existing teams and facilitator support during TEAMc implementation.

Toolkit Goals

TEAMc helps to deliver patient-centred care in a participatory, collaborative and coordinated approach to shared decision making around health and social issues.

The main goals of this workshop series are to:

  1. Assist practicing professionals to identify the strengths their current team practices bring to collaborative practice.
  2. Build from the team strengths in creating a ‘dream’ team functioning environment that:
    • enhances the quality of care provided to patients and their chosen family member, and
    • supports effective interprofessional communication across health providers, patients and family members that leads to best practices in health care delivery.
  3. Build onto team strengths in working together to:
    • allow health providers to be fully utilized to their full scopes of practice, and
    • ensure all members of the team’s knowledge, skills and expertise are used within teams.
  4. Create an action plan to integrate strengths and enhancements to team functioning.
  5. Test the operationalization of the ‘dream’ in achieving identified team functioning outcomes.